Vegan Tomato Basil Pasta

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  • Serves: 4 Servings
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cooking: 40 mins
  • Total Time: 50 min

Nathan and I share a lot of things in common but one thing we differ on greatly is with pasta- he loves it, I prefer something lighter. Nathan is 6ft 4in tall so for him, pasta is a great way to fill up. Well, I am not a 6'4 male, so pasta to me is just heavy and hard to eat a lot of. Well, this recipe is a great middle ground for us! Nathan makes this recipe with shredded chicken and pasta and I make it with spaghetti squash and no chicken. This way, we both have our own versions of pasta and we each get exactly what we want and don't have to cook two meals.




Heat the oven to 400 degrees & Cut your spaghetti squash in half. Using a spoon scrape out the inner seeds and stringy section to create a crater.

Lightly coat the insides of the spaghetti squash in olive oil and spices to taste. Cover a baking sheet in tin foil and place spaghetti squash slices facing down on the baking sheet & bake for 40 minutes.

While the squash is cooking, dice up your tomatoes, garlic, basil and green olives. Heat a large skillet to medium and brown the garlic with a a few tbsp of olive oil. When brown, add the tomatoes and white wine. Cover and let simmer until the tomatoes have broken down significantly.

When the tomatoes have broken down and the sauce has thickened, add in your green olives and basil. Turn off the heat and let all the flavors meld while the squash finishes cooking.

Spaghetti Squash for Roasting

When the squash is done, the inside should easily peel away from the shell (looking like stringy spaghetti). Do this until there is no more squash in the shell.

Tomato Basil Reducing

Once the squash is in strings, place it in a bowl and smother in the sauce. This would also be a great time to enjoy the rest of that wine! Enjoy :)

Vegan Pasta Sauce

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