Shrimp Quinoa Avocado Salad

  • Serves: 2 Servings
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cooking: 10 mins
  • Total Time: 20 min

Summertime here in NYC is a great time of the year, full of life, love, and so much to do (not to mention the humidity)! No matter what, its a great time to enjoy the lighter fare of cuisine and lean towards salads, seafood, and white wines to carry through this heat. Whether you are on the East Coast, West Coast, or No Coast its a warm time to be in the states and this salad is just the ticket to satisfy your hunger while being refreshingly simple and light.



Okay, so we are gonna keep this simple since it's a salad. We trust that you, no matter what your culinary experience, can toss together a culinary concoction in a bowl and get salad as the result.

Start by grilling your shrimp until they are pink and JUST before they curl. They can lose a lot of flavor if you cook them to the point where they are shriveled and curled. Once grilled, take off the heat and add to a mixing bowl full of your arugula, almonds, pear, and avocado. Once the quinoa is cooked, let it cool just a bit since hot quinoa can wilt arugula and make the salad a bit too warm. When its ready, toss it in with the rest of the salad and finally add the avocado dressing.

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