Brie, Apple, and Turkey Baguette

  • Serves: 1 Serving
  • Prep Time: 10 mins
  • Cooking: 0 mins
  • Total Time: 10 min

So I am a huge fan of a good baguette. Wether its with homemade spaghetti or cup of Chicken Noodle Soup it doesn't really matter... I love it!

Christina usually has a piece or two but we are usually left with at least half and we hate wasting food or letting it go stale. Well since the french crafted this beautiful baked bread, we looked to them for inspiration on what to do with what is left. Our options included french toast (we make that too) or a baguette, so we tried both and now they live on our site. I love this sandwich times infinity and the subtle flavors meld together so naturally that I usually want another. A simple sandwich to make and great for any time of the year. Enjoy!



You can either lightly toast the baguette or have it as is, but I prefer to at least warm mine up in the oven. While it warms, get out your brie, turkey, arugula, and green apple and measure them out as you need. You can get fancy and slice the apples a certain way, fold in the turkey... blah blah blah. The point here is to cram as much of these gorgeous ingredients as you can into the bread while still being able to consume it so go wild.

The optional aioli here is a simple lemon pepper aioli where you add about 1tbsp of lemon juice to the mayo and stir in some black pepper. While very simple, it really adds a nice touch and gives the sandwich some needed moisture.

When the bread is done, cut it in half long ways and add the mayo as you see fit. Start with a small bed of arugula, then add some turkey, the sliced apples, and finish with the brie. Really, like I said, theres no method here for perfection, just get as much of everything into the sandwich as you can and you will be overjoyed.

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