Californian Bruschetta

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  • Serves: 2 Servings
  • Prep Time: 5 mins
  • Cooking: 5 mins
  • Total Time: 10 min

Supporting local makers is near and dear to our hearts. And that's why when we came upon Prager Bros. Artisan Bread at our local farmers market, we were so extremely excited. 1) because they're a local family-(brother-operated)-owned business and 2) they specialize in high quality organic breads with a mission to restore the time-honored tradition of artisan bread-making, and 3) their bread is out of this world delicious. How cool is that?! So, in this recipe, we wanted to feature California's greatest: with locally made bread, avocado - grilled outside to perfection. A fun spin on typical bruschettas, with a California flare. We've been serving this at our dinner parties recently and it's been a huge hit.



First, take out your Prager Bros. Artisan Bread and smell its wonderful smells and lightly crunch the exterior - it sings with flavor and aroma. Now cut into it for your bruschetta slices and restrain yourself from eating the whole loaf in one sitting.


While you pre-heat your grill, begin making your bruschetta topping by slicing and dicing your tomato, avocado, garlic and basil.


When your grill is at temperature, place your bread on the grill for 1-1.5 minutes, then flip to get a nice light char. Then set on your plate for toppings.


Top your grilled bread with your toppings by using a spoon. Then drizzle your balsamic glaze and sprinkle fresh cracked pepper and salt to taste. Dig in!


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